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About Us

The Idea.

Skully Clothing Company is a lifestyle apparel & accessories brand, rooted in board sports and the outdoors.

It all started in 2018. Cousins, John and Toby were struggling to find cool and comfortable gear. What began as a small project searching for a cool brand quickly snowballed into something special.

Skully was born in 2022 with a simple, idea: Make a brand that we want to wear and the rest will take care of itself. After all, our first customers were the two of us, friends and family, and that’s still how we look at it today.

We also opened the lines of communication with everyone, gathering ideas from friends and family. We threw out the rulebook and set out to make our own line of surf, street and snow gear with the rider community at its core.

The Result.

The Printing.

We partnered with the Printful company to handle all of our printing and fulfillment. With Printful as our partner, you can feel confident that each of our products are printed with love and care by the dedicated staff at their 35,000 sq ft headquarters located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Printing Process

  • Direct to Garment
  • Brother Graffitee photo quality
  • Printed using Brother GT 381 machines
  • CPSIA compliant inks

Embroidery Process

  • Embroidered using the Happy HCD2
  • Using Polyester thread
  • Hand clipped and cleaned